Our CZOwners website was founded in 2008.  It began in the format of a free forum in 2006 started by Wayne and soon after joined by Paul.  Wayne and Paul have continued and built the site to what it is today (with a lot of support from their better halves).

CZ Owners ran two official meets a year.  One in the midlands in the winter and a week long, family friendly summer meet in the west country.  The West Country Summer meet has been featured in the media and attracts a large gathering.  These meets are open to new members who are welcomed into the fold and included in all the activities.


We have a rapidly growing social media following, including twitter, Instagram, a facebook page and a closed facebook group.

We have recently changed the format of our site, with thanks to A Life Of Lovely and are looking to work with more brands and businesses in the future.

We have been lucky enough to work with some incredible brands and businesses, including the UK’s main CZ rifle importers Edgar BrothersRifleman Firearms and Devon Custom Rifles.

Please do get in touch if you wish to collaborate with us.