Cz Meet Part Two

Saturday Presentations

The original plan was to hold the presentation Sunday, however, a few people would be leaving early so we decided to have the presentation Saturday. Trophies were available for many of the competitions we held that day, a full list will be added later. personally, I was taken back here. Unknown to me, I believe it was Paul and Rose… A plot had been hatched between them all, they had got me a beautiful engraved pocket watch to celebrate and thank me for 10 years of the CZ meet. They also between them, had made me a beautiful photo book of the last ten years.



To say I was speechless was an understatement!  Here is a group photo of all the trophy winner, if you would like the full list do just let me know and I will get it published.

trophy winners

Sunday Clays

This year, for the first time, we held the clay day on sunday. It seems it was successful though this year it felt a little rushed. We arrived at Mendip shooting ground and it has to be said, it was a good amount of people. Turned out the shooting ground also had a couple of parties that day too. We split up into two groups with myself taking the adults who were experienced and Paul taking the youngsters and those inexperienced.

A huge thanks go to Paul as every year he will take a group of guns and supervise them. Most people shot a round of 100 clays. The scores were amazing this year, Most people achieved over 50 %. Here are a couple of photos. I will set a gallery up soon where any pictures can be uploaded if you send them to me.




After the bbq, we all returned to the campsite for one of our bbq’s. I hope everyone enjoyed the meet this year and want to attend again next year? We had some new faces which is great but it wouldn’t be the Cz meet without he origional crew. Thanks for reading andf I hope to see you at next years meeet!



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