The 10th CZ Meet Done.

CZ Meet 2018

This year was our 10th CZ meet. I find it hard to believe that 10 years down the line, this ragtag group of families from up and down the country would still be descending upon the deepest depths of Somerset for a weekend of shooting, fishing and all round great family fun.

When we first started out, we were using a free web platform and whilst it was ok, the constant ads and hack attempt just left me disheartened. I took the decision to purchase the domain name and use a paid host for our little group, and from that, we decided on a yearly meet up. Nothing too crazy but something all the family could enjoy and hopefully encourage a few newcomers to the sport. 10 Years on and we are far from dead in the water. Here is a sneak peek at just some of the wonderful people who attended this year and who make czowners what it is.

10th meet

Let’s Get Camping

Since the very first meet, we have been very well looked after by Duncan and Mary at Greenacres.  We were lucky enough to have our first meet when they were having their first year as owners. We have been back every year since, you just couldn’t find a nicer, more relaxed and well-kept campsite, add to that, Duncan and Marys friendly approach and it really doesn’t get better.


Trip To The Beach

We try to do a spot of fishing during the meet, this gives those who aren’t that into the shooting the chance to fish, or if they want they can just chill at the beach. We also like to fly fish but this year, the weather just didn’t allow us to do this. Lyme Regis was our stop this time. Several hours later and we have had a few bites but alas just a little pout was landed. It’s not all about the fish though right?  I’m very lucky that I live close by, others would need to travel 3 hours to see the coast.


Range Day

Every year we host a range day, an opportunity for people to shoot guns they don’t own, an opportunity for people who have ever held or fired a gun to actually experience it. The range day is also a great time to teach people firearm safety and awareness. Being the CZ owners club, it would be foolish of us not to showcase the fantastic range of rifles CZ produce. Derek Edgar, M.D of  Edgar Brothers very kindly attended the meet with his wife, this in itself was a real honour. Derek also brought with him a showcase of new CZ rifles available now. Looking at the new stock variants and black rifle builds, CZ have really upped their game in the rifle market.

New CZ

Having met Derek before, I knew he was one of those people who you could just talk to.  Derek is a very approachable person. Derek is a fountain of knowledge regarding these great rifles. Actually, Derek is just an all round great guy. I can’t thank both Derek and Edgar Brothers enough for supporting us in our Quest to keep our sport alive. Turns out he is also a crack shot!


New Faces

Every year, the range day seems to go from strength to strength. The thing for me is giving those who have never tried it or those who want to try it a chance to “have a go”. This year, a very good friend of mine, Rob Collins, aka The Ole Hedge Creeper, attended the range day along with his friend Mags and his Young sports ambassador George. Rob runs a wonderful thing called Pass it on Young sports. This is a volunteer-run non-profit organisation that is passionate about getting both young and not so young people into the countryside via exposure to various countryside pursuits.  Spending some time chatting with Rob, we are hoping to host some future events together to pool our combined knowledge and resources to make future meets even more accessable to the new generation of the sport.


Something that amazed me this year was the standard of shooting from everyone! When I look back at the targets from 10 years ago, the standard of shooting has improved tenfold. I would like to think our range days have contributed to that and hope the improvements won’t stop there. Seeing the improvement from some people, people who only get to shoot a couple times a year at best, seeing people now attending with theyre own firearms after years of attending and then getting their own certificates, so very rewarding, it really is.  Part 2 will follow shortly


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