World Fishing Day 2018

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Saturday the 23rd of June is world fishing day. The endless lists of national this and world that days are sometimes a little silly to me, however, world fishing day? I can relate to that. Those clever scientists have conducted a study and proven that fishing, whether it is game, coarse or sea releases as many endorphins as chocolate!

Personally, I can think of few things nicer than being at the beach with my children, fishing into the dark with them. most of my children love fishing, however, a little life of lovely much prefers to stay home. We are very lucky in the fact we only live 20 minutes from the beautiful Jurassic coast so sea fishing is our main thing. I do, however, absolutely love fly fishing.


Sea Fishing

The reason We sea fish, we love to eat what we catch. This is something you just can’t do if coarse fishing. As I said before, the Jurassic coast is 20 minutes from us so within easy reach. Sea fishing is relatively cheap to take up, You need n licences and the actual gear can be cheaper than other sports.  A simple beachcaster set up like that will cost you under £50. a very basic box of end tackle will usually cost less than £20.

Our family are very fortunate as we are friends with and purchase all our sea fishing bait and tackle from the local tackle shop which is actually located in Lyme Regis. The Tackle Box truly is the Tardis of the fishing shops! They stock everything from the sea and coarse gear to fly fishing and more. Darren and Jess are always very welcoming and full of Knowledge. If you do ever visit Lyme, be sure to pop in and say hi.


Coarse Fishing

Carp and coarse fishing have really taken off in recent years, the urge for monster carp and net after net of Roach and Rudd has meant a massive increase in interest of both rivers and lakes. Managers of local waterways and local wildlife inspectors have equally welcomed this boom. Fisherman arent barbaric cavemen who kill everything and make a mess, anglers actually contribute greatly to the upkeep and conservation of waterways and wildlife. When you purchase your rod licence, this money is used both to improve and conserve the wildlife and waterways of the UK. If you are wanting to start coarse fishing, one thing I would say, it is a sport/hobby that can become very expensive!  A cheap coarse set up will set you back over £350.  Coarse fishing is something I have tried several times but I just can’t find the passion for it.

carp fishing

Game Fishing

Now, this is a type of fishing I truly have a passion for but sadly don’t get to do often enough. My love of fly fishing started when I was a child. Watching my neighbour coming home, unloading his car and seeing his string of Rainbow Trout. One day I asked him how he caught them, fly fishing lad was his reply. I was hooked! In the coming weeks, my neighbour took me to the local field and taught me to cast. He taught me how to “twitch” or retrieve the fly. He even gave me my first half dozen flies, most of which I still have. I soon had enough money saved for my very first fly rod, reel and line.

Rod licence purchased I was off to find a Trout. My neighbour took me with him to a huge reservoir in Somerset, we fished for 6 hours and I had several “tugs” but never managed to land a Trout, this just made me more determined to catch my Dinner. Since that day, I have managed to fish a few competitions and even have the record for the amount of fish caught at some fisheries, One year I fished a national competition and made it to the finals!

Isn’t It Expensive

Game fishing isn’t really that expensive to get into, A good starter set will cost less than £60. Purchase a rod licence and you are set. Personally, I would say, head to field or park and practice casting, watch some online tutorials and then give it a go. If you decide it is for you, find a local guide who can give you some expert tuition and one to one lessons on techniques and casting.

fly fishing

Whatever fishing takes your fancy, enjoy it. Fishing is a great way to meet people, a great way to bond with your children and a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Fishing has been the cause of so many great memories for me and my family and will be the instrument of many more. If you have never tried it, give it a go. If you have any fishing stories you would like to tell, let me know, it would be great to hear them.


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