Devon Cider. Scrumpy from Devon?

Sams Cider

Devon Scrumpy?

I’m from Somerset, The actual home of scrumpy in my opinion. Somerset has many many orchards and let’s remember, Originally, scrumpy was used as payment to wandering farm workers during the harvest time. I have I think tasted every cider available from farm outlets in Somerset. Some have been questionable and some have been absolutely stunning. I never thought to try Devon scrumpy though.

Sams Cider

Sams cider

After a quick chat with Sams, they sent me a couple of bottles of they’re finest cider. They even very kindly offered me a tour of the brewery. So, Devon cider. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Before that, let me give you a little more info about Sams.



The Cider

The first cider is called poundhouse crisp. A medium cider, which was clean, fresh and super smooth. I was expecting more of a robust cider so this was a great surprise. Furthermore, I was surprised also by the colour, very light, almost unusually light. The taste though, oh my goodness, it is ever so moreish. Honestly, you do not realise the bottle is gone! This has to be one of those ciders for the weekend. Customers can buy them in crates of 12 and if you want, you can use the link


Poundhouse crisp

Fruity Blackcurrant

This is a little bone of contention with me as there are very few mixed fruit or berry ciders I actually like. The colour was perfect, it looked like it actually had a good amount of blackcurrant in. Flip the cap off and the blackcurrant aroma instantly hits you. Furthermore, after tasting it, its sweet but not over sweet. Very refreshing, and leaves a wonderful aftertaste. My only real issue with this one was, the bottles aren’t big enough 🙂 It was absolutely delicious! Customers Again can purchase this lovely cider comes in a crate of 12 which you can get




Finishing up

 Thank you, Sams, for sending me this cider to try, and assure you guys that yes, this cider was sent to me to review. My opinion has not been swayed or bought. The review I give is a simple honest one, I hope you have enjoyed reading it. If you are ever in Devon do make an effort to visit the shop or take a brewery tour, you won’t be disappointed.


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