Pheasant season


The day has been and much of us will have imagined all the pheasants waving at us and having a little chuckle. The 1st of February marks the end of pheasant shooting season. For some, it means working on improving the commands for the dog, for some it means a lot more clay shooting. For others, it means time to clean, rewax the coat and put it away until next season.

Rough shooting

Whether you are a shooter, a beater or a picker up. February the 1st is a sad occasion, beaters day has been, the birds are all but gone. what to do now? I have to admit, my spaniel is a little strong, especially in cover. If allowed, she would charge through at 100 mph and completely miss every bird! She does, however, work hedgerows brilliantly. So, my task will be to slow her down and get her to be a bit more methodical. Maybe then she will injure herself less too.


We are still in the brace of winter, admittedly the back end of it but it is still wet and cold. Time for roost shooting then. A good way to alleviate the February blues.  Get yourself a good set of lofting poles and away you go. These are a great buy, being Bisley it’s a name you can trust. If you have fields with clover of beans you can still decoy, even flight lines are great. Some decoys like These are perfect for the task, they move in the wind and are lightweight. Don’t forget the camo net, This one is ideal for the job and won’t break the bank. You can buy hide poles online and I can recommend these. If you don’t want the added expense of poles you can simply cut some hazel, it works equally as well.



Its cold and it will be wet but winter fishing see some great sport from the beach. Rays, Cod, Conger and Whiting are all plentiful about now. Believe me when I say it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Pop to the local tackle shop and ask for advice, they are normally more than happy to help. They will tell you whats catching, what baits are working well and what gear you will need. Always take a thermos! I couldn’t do it without mine, I have this one made by Stanley. Made of stainless steel its hard wearing, rugged and has stood the test of time.

Stanley flask



Alright, a bit of a long shot I know but, we have an allotment and it’s about now that we should be getting the ground prepped. A good frost breaks the turned earth over better than any rotavator. Broad beans will need sowing in the greenhouse and those parsnips won’t sow themselves. Time to decide what goes in what bed and give the greenhouse its annual scrub to remove the green from last year.



None of us enjoys the thought of months on end without pheasants but the fact of the matter is, there are so many other things for us to do, within a month it is but a distant memory.


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