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Remember when you bought that scope? You know, the one you told the wife only cost £30 but actually cost £300.  I’m no brute when it comes to my firearms, however, I’m no clean freak with most of them either. For the majority of my firearms, they get a quick wipe down when I get home, my wildfowling semi-auto doesn’t even get that. The only gun in my collection that gets love and attention is my side by side, it’s my baby and I would cry, yes, actually cry if it got damaged. So, who has insurance for the firearms and so on?




Due to the nature of our sport, its strongly recommended to have insurance, not just for the actual guns but for legal expenses that could be incurred if a situation was to occur.  Gunplan offers a great insurance package which gives you these great benefits.

 Up to £10m Public Liability cover for just £22.50 a year

 Free personalised Public Liability confirmation card

 Up to £50,000 cover for theft and accidental damage of shooting equipment from just £19 a year.

 New for old cover as standard on guns & equipment up to 3 years old

 Legal Expenses cover up to £100,000 available

 Up to £50,000 cover for Personal Accident

 Automatic cover if you take part in more than one type of shooting

 Worldwide cover available


A gun and shooting insurance policy from Gunplan offers great value cover in an instant.

Gunplan specialises in shooting insurance for all types of shooting, from rough and clay pigeon shooting through to pest control – if you need gun insurance we’ve got you covered! With one simple policy, you can cover yourself, your guns and shooting accessories, and the best bit is you can build your own policy so you only pay for the cover you need. We also offer fantastic standalone £10m Public Liability cover for just £22.50 a year, giving you essential cover whilst out on shoots, without the need to join a membership organisation. 

Many shooters mistakenly rely on their household insurance rather than specialist gun insurance to cover their shooting equipment. Unfortunately, in most cases, household insurance won’t cover incidents outside of the home such as those at the gun club, at a shoot or in transit. With specialist shooting and gun insurance, you’re covered both inside and outside the home and you avoid raising your household premium if you do happen to make a claim.

Gunplan provides specialist gun insurance for all types of shooting activities including clay pigeon shooting, target shooting, archery and wildfowling. Cover is available for a range of guns and shooting equipment.

Others join shooting membership organisations to get cover. These are often expensive and come with fluffy extras you may not need or care about. If it’s gun insurance you’re after, why pay extra? With Gunplan, you only pay for the cover you need so you can build your own specialist shooting insurance policy. No frills, just great value cover, allowing you to enjoy your sport with total peace of mind. 


Broken stock

In my humble opinion, if you value the sport you partake in, you should have provisions in place should the worst happen.  Just the legal protection alone would break the average person let alone having to replace broken firearms and shooting equipment.


If you don’t have insurance then please use the links on this page. By using these links it will cost you no more but I will earn a very small commision which helps with the running of this site. Please click on Blue gunplan in paragraph 2  or here and it will open a new tab.



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