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In light of the recent post regarding a “gun” resting his shotgun on his foot and it duly firing I thought a little shotgun safety 101 was in order.


A gun which is not being used should be unloaded. If, on a driven day, it should be in a slip. When in a slip, carry it muzzle down. This will stop the gun falling out if the zip or clips failed. When rough shooting, the gun should be broke and the chambers empty. For semi-autos, most of them have a hold open function, this allows you to carry the gun, bolt open with a round in the hand ready.


Here is the thing. Whether on a clay shoot, a driven day or just out with a mate, firearm safety is a must. This applies to all aspects of shooting, however, this is just for shotgun shooting right now.  When I remove the gun from the slip, I always break the gun before removing it from the slip. As per carrying, keep the muzzle down. When putting it back in the slip I always ensure the gun is broke when the muzzles go in, then lock it once covered.


You took the shot, you hit it? Great! Get that safety back on. Used both barrels? Lower the muzzle to the floor in both instances. Break the gun and be sure to pick up any spent cartridges that have ejected. Whether you use an SBS or an o/u remember to lock the gun by lifting the stock to the barrels, this prevents the risk of shock firing.


Never, ever, ever rest the muzzles on your boot!

Never walk around or stand with the gun loaded and locked!

Never place a gun in the slip loaded!

Never assume a gun is unloaded!

This is going to sound stupid to most of us but never look down the barrels from the muzzle!

Please, please be safe! We are gun owners and as such have a responsibility to ourselves and others around us to stay safe and exercise best practice at all times. I think everyone has at some point thought, That would never happen to me. I’m safe, I’m responsible, and yet things like the above still happen.

stay safe and shoot straight.


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