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Today’s society dictates we should just dispose of anything we don’t want or is broken. That is not the way it should be. My parents would have given me a good old fashioned spanking for throwing away most of the things people do now!

When making flavoured spirits there is obviously a surplus of alcohol-infused fruit. Food waste bin? Animal fodder? No. If you just be a little creative you can use the fruit for lots of yummy dishes and sacks. Recently I made some blueberry and vanilla vodka. What to do with a mountain of blueberries which are high in alcohol. well, waste not want not.

blueberries and vodka



One of the greatest and most enjoyable methods of using these lovely little berries up is to make alcoholic fruity chocolates. What chocolate you use is down to personal preference, me? I like to have an equal mix of plain and milk chocolate.  Next, Break the chocolate up and drop it in a bowl which is sat in a pan of hot but not boiling water. Stir the chocolate until it has softened and is lump free. Get yourself a mould, I used some silicone moulds that I borrowed from  a life of lovely, Lu also gave me some direction when my brain wasn’t quite firing on all cylinders regarding the chocolate. Remember you are trying not to go out buying more stuff as it’s about making do with what you have, if you don’t have a silicone chocolate mould then use an ice cube tray.

The next bit is super easy, Spoon the molten chocolate into the moulds until they are half full. Then, pop a blueberry in the middle and spoon more chocolate over the top to fill the mould. Set the mould in the fridge for an hour and then the chocolates will pop out nice and easy. The finished article is a beautiful, not too sweet chocolate with a fruity alcoholic surprise in the middle.

alcoholic chocolates

This is just one use for the waste berries, I have brewed a plum brandy and so will use the fruit in a very strong Christmas Trifle, I am planning on making them individual size so hopefully will be just like this

alcoholic plum trifle

Remember, its all to easy to discard the fruit thinking it has served its use. In actual fact, it is at its finest when full of booze. Thank you for reading this far and I hope you experiment with brewing spoils, feel free to let me know any ideas you have used or would like to try.



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