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pigs in blankets

It’s not long now until the day where we overindulge in food and drink and here in our house, we are no different. If you are a regular, you will know that we rear our own pigs. Today, I used a hand of pork to make our pigs in blankets, a favourite for Christmas day.


I am very fortunate in that I have reared pigs for our own consumption. We have an influx of pork and regularly have roast pork dinners on a Sunday. I understand very few people are in a position to rear their own pork but if you don’t then go the local butcher or the farm shop and buy the cheaper cuts, the hand or shoulder as its better known. For the purposes of the post, I also used a hand of pork.

hand of pork  pork shoulder


knves and steel

For the sake of safety and to aid in speeding up the cutting process I wear a chain mail glove. When you are cutting meat away you try to be careful, if you are wearing a glove on the hand you aren’t cutting with you don’t need to risk losing a finger, this, actually speeds the cutting time up. A knife isn’t a lot of good without a steel. The knives I use are Victorinox. There are many other makes of knife, however, these hold a good edge, are lightweight and are super easy to clean.



caterlite mincer

So many people ask on social media, whats the best mincer, can anybody recommend a mincer that’s good quality but doesn’t cost the earth? Well, this is the one I use. It will easily cope with any amount of meat you can put through it. the cord stores inside the back and with all the extra attachments you are good to go straight from the box. You don’t actually need to buy a sausage stuffer if you only intend making a few strings a year as the mincer   comes with a sausage attachment.

sausage stuffer

I, however, find having the mincer to do just that is faster, do bear in mind I could be making several hundred pounds of sausages at a time, I use this xl stuffer. It has assorted sized nozzles and easily suctions to the worktop.


boning out tallow

Not wanting to waste anything the bones go to the dogs, The extra fat is rendered down and used for fat balls and the skin is seasoned and used for pork scratchings.

tallow candle

once you have all the meat off the bone you need to cut it into 2 inch wide strips, then, run it through the mincer for the first time.

deboned pork

pork mince


Many people Believe the flavour is in the meat, no. The flavour is in the fat. That being said, for sausages you need to add seasonings and rusk, otherwise, you would just have a compacted lump of pork in a casing. There is a huge offering of herbs and spices available but I wanted a simple sage and thyme seasoning ready for the big day. If you want a simple chipolata mix then Tongmaster are great! You get the herbs, spices and rusk in one pack, you also get the correct length of casing to suit the mix. Instructions are clearly printed on the back and to be honest, for the money, you cant go wrong. Pour the mix along with water into a clean bucket or bowl, give it a good mix then feed it back through the mincer a second time.

sausage meat

pork mince


By now you have boned and minced the pork, you have added all the herbs, rusk and water and are ready to fill the stuffer and slide the skins up the nozzle. All that left is to turn the handle and then twist the sausages off at lengths you are happy with. The end result is a sausage you have made, a sausage the size you want, a sausage that will taste better than any other, why? Because you made it.


I hope this will inspire you to try your hand at sausage making. The initial outlay isn’t that much and you will soon be making sausages for far less than the cost at the butchers. All the items you need are on this page, please do use these links, buying through these links cost you no more but earns me a little commission which goes toward future posts like these.  Please do get in contact if you need any more help and if you venture into sausage making please send me some pictures of them.

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