A Mortgage For Boots

expensive wellies

A Mortgage For Boots

I’ve always been a bit of a buy cheap by twice kinda guy, with wellie boots I had become quite the snob! Earlier in my life, I wouldn’t have thought twice about paying £250 for a pair of wellies. I know that if I bought a pair of boots for £250 now, it would be a complete waste of money. Least of all because my needs have changed.

Let’s start with what you want from a pair of boots and what you will be using them for.

Family Hikes Through The Woods

woodland walks

If you like to take the children for a run through the woods, maybe let them take the bikes?  Maybe you like to go on an adventure? You will want a comfortable and waterproof pair of wellies that don’t break the bank, occasional use boots.  These boots by Jack Pyke are the budget boot. Known as the shire boot, they are made of rubber so not super light but not ridiculous.  These boots are comfortable and surprisingly warm considering it is a cotton lining. The gusset adjustable strap is a nice touch. For occasional woodland walks, well worth the price.

jack pyke shires


Cold Nights On The Beach

snowy beach

I have seen anglers with the most expensive flotation suits on the market, hand warmers, the whole nine yards and they are stood on the beach in trainers. Yes. Trainers! One occasion on Chesil Beach in January,  I was cod fishing with a friend and the chap next to us was wearing steel toe cap boots! He was complaining about cold toes amazingly. Ok, it was minus 6 but still, our feet were toasty, why? We were wearing these. All the layers in the world and you forget about your feet. You lose as much heat from your feet as you do from your head. Here is what Rovex have to say.

Rovex Arctic Thermal Boots Rovex Arctic Thermal Boots are part of the Rovex line developed for the European market by Australian Outdoor company Jarvis Walker. Combining their engineering strength and years of experience has allowed them to develop the Rovex line with exceptional value at reasonable prices. Rovex Arctic Thermal Boots are made of special EVA material comprised of millions of tiny air pockets. This gives the boots an amazingly unique combination of lightweight, thermal insulation and durability.

Rovex Arctic Thermal Boots weigh on average 35% less than an average boot. This helps reduce fatigue when wearing. The EVA will mold itself over time to the anglers foot resulting in a custom fit making them extremely comfortable to wear for long stretches. In addition, they also have a removable and washable fleece liner. These thermal boots will keep any anglers feet warm down to -30 degrees Celsius where they remain surprisingly supple and flexible. Rovex Arctic Thermal Boots are waterproof and come in the full range of standard sizes.

Rovex thermal boots


On The Farm

Muddy boots

Many regulars will know, we have livestock. As such We spend a lot of time knee deep in manure. Here is where I would ordinarily say, buy a cheap pair as they will get ruined. Why, why buy a cheap pair and suffer the lack of comfort. As a result, you need to look after your feet in that environment? As I see it you need Steel toe caps, you need a good sole and let’s face it a nice liner wouldn’t go amiss. Dunlop has made what is, in my opinion, the best farm boot, its called the Purafoot. Safety toes and fantastic non-slip sole, warm and lightweight yet rugged, what more do you need?

Dunlop Purafoot


Shooting And Fieldsports

Rough shooting

So, we don’t all do paid pheasant shoots or organised stalks. If like me you do a lot of rough shooting, you want a cheapish pair of boots that will be fairly quiet, warm and practical. Bring on the neoprene boots.  Muck boots have been around for years, they are quiet, lightweight, and extremely warm when you are walking around.

muck boots

 Maybe you want something a little more up there. You will want a pair of these Le chameau boots. High-quality neoprene, waterproof zipped sides. Fully lined with either neoprene or leather and with a super grippy sole it is deemed by some to be the Rolls-Royce of the boot market.

The camel

What You Buy

Whether you are looking for woodland boots or a top end pair of wellies. I hope there s something here to tempt you. Please use the links on this page to make your purchase, it costs you no more but gives me a little commission to help with site costs.


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