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When our little club first began back in 2008, I ran the site using a free web platform For the best part of 18 months, I was plagued by the site being hacked, Endless adverts and pop-ups. A free host site is great if you are starting out and are a little unsure whether its something you want to commit to. It became apparent early on that the site was going to be a success, Our forum became larger and larger until it became the hub of an evening chat.

social media

Social Media

As with a lot of forums and web pages, social media grew and grew to leave many forums in the shadows. Slowly dying away. Our forum survived but at times it was touch and go, on the plus side We were smart enough to start our social media   page at the same time. This is when the problems began. Free hosting was becoming a hit, Lots of people were doing the same. With constant emails regarding the site being down and emails informing me the site had been hacked it was time to look for paid hosting.

Best web host

Minefield Of Hosts

Wow. You would not believe the number of companies offering hosting packages. What package would you like? would you be holding the domain with us? Eventually, I chose a web host. It offered great widgets, a seemingly easy to navigate control panel and online tech support 24 hours a day.

For 5 years everything seemed to go reasonably well, the odd hiccup but all in all a clean run. Out of the blue, I started to receive emails, only the odd one to start saying the site was down. Before you could say internet, the emails were coming thick and fast.  Time to speak with tech support and find out the problem, oh wait I cant. the have suspended the site. It seems that when you pay for web hosting There is a very small bit of the contract that states you share a server with others and as such if you use more than 20% other hosts have different numbers, this was mine. If you exceed the CPU usage they will suspend the site.


Time For A New Host

The host insisted they could accommodate my needs and get my site back online. It would only mean an extra $30 a month. You have to admire there tenacity to try that on. I wonder how many people do get sucked in by that.  After much searching and pulling my hair out, alifeoflovely suggested gxtec I had actually spoken to Harry in the past regarding tech issues, I put the question to Harry and the reply was, no problem. Why are they suspending it? wow. They cant handle that amount of traffic. It was how much per month!




Here we are, the first post being hosted by gxtec Everything is running great and Harry managed to transfer everything across for me. The transfer only took a day and to my amazement, I didn’t have to lift a finger. If you have good traffic to your site, check with your host as to what server capacity you are allowed. Thanks for reading and I hope our host will keep us glitch free for years to come


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