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For many people, the idea of buying a shooting related gift is a nightmare.  Whether the gift is for him, for her, or a son/daughter, I hope you will find the suggestions useful. My partner finds it difficult as do other members of the family to buy for me. I adore shooting, fishing, brewing, and let’s face it anything outdoors. My hope here is to make it easier for others to buy gifts for members of they’re families.


Gifts For Him

Let’s pretend for a minute I’m female (I’m not honest) What could I possibly by my other half who is really into shooting.  Depending on budget lets look firstly at clothing. How about a good quality coat like this.


To me, that is exceptional value for money and will actually get some use by you’re man. I don’t do a lot of formal shooting and don’t often have to wear a tie but when I do it is one of these.  


just think it’s nice to wear a tie when shooting sometimes. Moving down, how about a nice pair of wax trousers


for those winter days out in the field? Lastly, a pair of good quality boots.  

bootsI Spend every morning in wellie boots tending to my livestock, a good pair of boots for walking or out in the field is a real treat to the feet. Maybe one of these suggestions is the one for you?


Gifts For Her

From organized driven days, clay shooting and range days the ladies are as popular as anyone. How about something like this from the man in her life?


A very talented artist has now had her artwork transferred to silk scarves, how about this one?

turf war

I was fortunate to win a signed print of a piece very similar to this, maybe its just right for her?

We all need a coat and the ladies should be no exception to the quality coats be these guys. This ladies coat is superb quality.

ladies coat

I’m obviously no expert with ladies footwear but From what I can see these wellie bots look sturdy but lightweight.



For The Young Ones

Over the years its become apparent to me, children don’t think about the obvious things, for example, a number of children, teenagers I see shooting or even beating without a Pair of ear defenders because they aren’t “cool” With that in mind how about a pair of in-ear defenders

ear plugs

never going to win any awards but are small, discreet and will save them going deaf.

If like me you’re children like to tag along at any opportunity why not like I do put them to good use.

buy one of these for a child and they can easily carry any shot game for you.


It is not slave labour if they wanted to go, right? If you do a lot of clay shooting why not buy them loaders bag.

loaders bag

It will keep them involved and make them feel more a part of it until they want to try it themselves.

If you have children who are maybe teenagers then take them to the local clay ground. Buy them a coached round of clays, they may well turn out to be the next England ace!

I hope that this will have given you all some ideas, maybe taken the pressure off a little as to what you can buy. If anything takes your liking then please use the links provided in the post. It costs you no extra but earns me a little commission for my time.







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