Cleaning Up The Rod Debate

gun cleaning

Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up The Rod Debate. I have tried to resist but alas, its time to talk gun cleaning or rather the rods.

gun cleaning

Rifle or shotgun at some point you are going to need to clean them. With the market saturated with cleaning products, cleaning gimmicks, and all manner of rods I would like to talk through a few things that I have used or do use.


Shotgun Rods

One piece or several? Wooden? Metal or carbon fibre? There is a huge debate regarding rods, I personally started off with wooden 2 piece rods for my shotguns many years ago, they served me well for many years however over time they did warp, not really an issue as it was for the shotguns. Later on, I bought the 3 piece aluminium rod, this was a great move! Being alloy they didn’t warp. My gun slip has a full-length compartment where I can store my rod fully assembled ready for if I should need it in the field. The downside is the gun slip is made rigid by the rod. The gun slips pocket zip is full of all the bronze jags, mops and cloths so does take a lot of room up.  There is another option, The Bore snake. A handy, no, very handy piece of kit if you are out in the field and need to clean the bore. Below is a line of photos to give you an idea

wooden rod


bore snake

Rifle Rods

This is a real minefield amongst shooters, I have actually known full grown men fall out over how to and what to clean a rifle with. I personally would not use a bore snake for any rifle cleaning as I feel it would or could damage the crown. Also, I don’t think it could thoroughly clean the rifling. There is always the option of a full kit like this. Superb price and in a blow moulded case.



Now, some folks don’t like the idea of joins in the rods, this is where the one piece rod comes into its own. There are a few alternatives though the two most popular are the carbon fibre rods and the traditional metal rod. During recent years the metal rods have been coated to avoid any risk of scratching the bore.

Whichever you choose I don’t imagine it will give you any problems. Rifles are less likely to be cleaned in the field. They aren’t usually subjected to the rigours and rough shooting a shotgun is. I prefer a kit but that is purely because it comes with jags and mops for multiple calibres and stores away neatly. If you only have one or two calibres a one-piece rod could be the way forward.

I hope this is of some use to you, It really is a minefield of products on the market now. Next up will be a post regarding the solvents and patches. Readers may purchase items post through the links. This will cost you no extra but gives me a little commission. Thank you for reading



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