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fishing gifts

Hard To Buy For

In our family, Christmas preparations seem to start in January.  Every month.  What would you like for Christmas Wayne?  Ugh, you are so bloody difficult to buy for.  This seems to be a common problem for many people whose partners shoot, fish and hunt. I thought, hey, why not do a quick post about the items the other half might like?  Not just Christmas but gifts in general.  The little things that they need. Maybe, just maybe, creating this will help.



Let’s face it, Items in the shooting and fishing world can be expensive. There is the theory of buy cheap buy twice, but I personally think if you do your research you can find affordable gifts.  I hope to have done the ground work for you. This article will be about fishing, the next one will be shooting.


Sea Fishing

Sea fishing

Obviously, there is an abyss which is the world of tackle but interestingly most of us never have the bits we need to make our rigs.  Tronix have come up with this Rig building box   perfect for anyone wanting a useful gift that will be used throughout the year. How about a box full of rig winders At least that will stop the tangled mass of tackle in the bottom of the box.

rig box

I posted this in a previous post but a good head torch is a must. This one is amazing, Quite literally lights up the entire beach. A waterproof phone case.  With mobile phones becoming more and more expensive and at the same time more and more fragile, this is a great idea.  Something I truly love now. Fishing pliers Strange? Read on. These are made of stainless steel, right here in the UK.  A year’s guarantee is given with these, no quibbling, you break it they replace it.


Something to put it all in? Fishing seat box Perfect. I actually have two boxes and a large bucket that I use for beach fishing competitions. Ok, clothing. For summer fishing maybe just a waterproof smock. You ideally don’t want anything too heavy or hot for that. For winter fishing how about a flotation suit. They come in a one piece or two piece option and not only keep you dry but if the worst case scenario happens you will be kept afloat. Such an important bit of kit yet often overlooked.



Fly Fishing

fly fishing


Well, this shouldn’t be too difficult.  Fly box and flies. These are actually sold as a Christmas gift so can’t be bad.


Something that I have two of because I tend to forget them. a  good landing net. I do love the wooden nets, they feel more real.

landing net

Best not to go into the realms of lines as that is a very personal choice and the debates regarding them are too long and drawn out to be able to determine who is right and wrong. I will, however, suggest a good quality fly line cleaner. I have lost count how many times I have forgotten to clean lines. next season comes and I need to renew them because of my lack of maintenance.


Coarse Fishing

game fishing

This is something I personally don’t enjoy however it is each to there own. A good start would be with this box, full of tackle. that is sure to please.

tackle box

One of the things in coarse fishing is the amount of line you use, how about getting this? Good quality and a great price.


What about if they like to do overnighters at the lake? This bivvy will easily accommodate both you and your gear.



I hope this has given you a few ideas as to what you can buy without doing it blindly. Remember, if you buy through the links on the page I will earn a little commission to go towards these and future posts. One other thing I would like to add, I buy most if not all my tackle from The Tacklebox. A good friend and it’s virtually on my doorstep.



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