Wildfowling, Are You Ready?


It’s time, Isn’t It?



Wildfowling Are You Ready? The day has arrived, you have been waiting patiently for the 1st of September, its wildfowling season! Now for the morals to kick into gear. I, as you may know, am a keen wildfowler.  I believe in letting the birds fly during September as they are just too young.  Where is the sport in shooting something that has hardly flown? Why would you want to go out when it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. The club I belong to also believes that there is no need to be shooting ducks and geese in September, as such we do not start the season until October when the birds will have wised up a bit, lets face i,  along with many others, spend more time admiring, and taking in the wildlife than we do shooting! I’m certainly guilty of missing some birds because I was watching a peregrine falcon or watching a fox stalk a vole.


Whats In The Decoy Bag

decoy bag


We all have our own little list of must haves but what would you actually take? here is what is in my decoy bag

Hide poles, there are many types of hide pole, some people use fencing stakes, some people use sticks they pick up along the way but for me, you can’t beat a decent set of  these poles Though not the cheapest by any means, they are rugged, well patterned and should last for many years.

The decoys themselves, I don’t bother with goose decoys, just duck, so here are some of the ones I carry. Wigeon Decoy  Teal Decoy  Mallard Decoys and finally Tufted Decoys. 

I have always wanted to be the guy who would hide in a creek for hours on end in anticipation however where I shoot this isn’t possible.  The Camouflage net That one is actually a really good lightweight net and at a bargain price at the moment.



SO everybody strings they’re decoys differently. I string mine using Shock leader then attach that to a Ball weight. The tides are never strong enough to move the weights by much where I am. I string mine at 8 feet, that gives them enough to get pulled and pushed by the tide.


All The Extras

And the bit now that every man hates but can’t be without, the rucksack of life.  In mine will be, Head torch.  My Stanley flaskGloves. Veil, you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb. Waterproof case with phone in. Lunch box.  Cartridge bag full of cartridges and my obvious survival kit I have blogged about before.  survival kit post Something often overlooked is something to sit on, hour after hour in sub zero temperatures, rain, and hail battering you, you want something like this. It’s amazing how a little thing like that can save you a mountain of discomfort. Without pulling my bag apart there is more but that’s a rough idea as to what is in there.


Boots or Waders

I always drive to my wildfowling area in my wellies, They are fairly warm, dry and means I can go straight down to get the boat without having to put them on in the rain. When I’m shooting from the other side of the shore line I wear my waders. I do love waders, they are neoprene so are waterproof and yet have a thermal quality so keep you that little bit warmer. I use the boot foot version but you can buy stocking foot ones where you need to buy or wear a separate pair of boots over them.


Guns, Guns And More Guns




Each to their own on this one but I use my ever faithful Escort semi auto shotgun. It is a budget gun but it has faultlessly cycled everything from 21-gram clay loads to 50-gram super steel. The fact it is synthetic does help on the foreshore. Later in the season, I use a 2nd hand over and under which is perfect for ducks and I won’t cry if it’s laid on the sea weed and stone.


Warm And Dry


One thing that is of utmost importance is to be warm and dry. I could not enjoy sitting outside for hours if I  was soaked to the skin and freezing cold.  Here is what I Personally wear as a top layer. Soft shell camo coat, the last thing you want is a coat that rustles like a tarpaulin all bloody day. Full face hat, though when rolled up on a warmer day you can use the veil I spoke of earlier. Water proof, wind proof trousers. Even a quick winter shower is enough to ruin the day if you aren’t wearing waterproof clothing.  I have already listed about boots or waders so no need to cover old ground.


Final Words

Whether you start in September or start in October Its, not about the numbers, the have to take a shot approach, it is about being out there, out there with nature. The things you can see when you are hidden away out of sight. Enjoy every aspect of nature because we as wildfowlers are conservationists first and foremost. All the items I have listed in red are links to which if you, make a purchase through them, I get a small commission which helps cover costs. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the season.



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