CZ 527 223 Review

cz 527

CZ 527 223 Review

Any regular will know I have a Macctecc moderator that I recently reviewed. To get a true test I really should have used it on the specified calibre. Edgar Brothers have very kindly sent down this CZ 527 223 silhouette for me to review. Great news.  This now means I can screw the mod on the test rifle also as it’s chambered for 223 Remmington, bonus!


weaver v-9


Out Of The Box

Open the box and you will find the rifle secured in a plastic sleeve fixed to the box via a cardboard flap.  one end of the box contains the booklet, a cd and the bolt in a secure sealed padded envelope. It’s no thrill ride but it does keep the rifle clean, secure and actually, no it does excite you, seeing the rifle inside that opaque plastic cover.

Scope Up

Over the years there have been many a struggle for people to mount the scopes, CZ produces calibre and model specific mounts to fix this problem. Brilliant.They are very well made, incorporate a mount lock to the action and don’t require any fancy tools to fit them. A simple blade screwdriver.

CZ Scope Rings



The CZ 527 comes with a  3 shot flush fitting magazine as standard. 5 shot magazines are available however I didn’t get one for the review.  believe it was just missed off the order.  One thing that really surprised me was the strength of the spring in the flush fitting magazine. Unfortunately, the finishing of the magazine I had was below standard. The lips at the top of the magazine sliced the top of my thumb open several times in succession. I don’t for a minute think it will be the case with every magazine, I just think I might have been one of the unlucky ones. A piece of wet and dry on a lollipop stick had it smoothed out before lunch.


527 mag



Thread Protector

Threading of a barrel is something which can cost a fortune, something that can and will greatly affect the firearm. The threading on the 527 was crisp, clean and no signs of any swarfing. A great touch is the thread protector, personally, I put the thread protector on all my rifles after every use.


527 thread protector


Plastic Fantastic

Everyone knows my true love is a nice piece of wood on a rifle, however. The synthetic stock on the 527 is super practical, a nice pattern grip on the forend and pistol grip is a sensible touch. Sling swivels are already attached to the rifle, eliminating the need or worry of fitting them. Though the synthetic doesn’t melt my heart, I can 100 percent see why it’s so practical. The rifle was beautifully balanced with the synthetic stock.  At the range, we slid a £5 note all the way down between the forend and barrel with no problems at all, Great. A floated barrel out of the box.


synthetic stock


The Business end

The 527 has a single set trigger which is fully adjustable. Nice touch huh. The short Mauser based action is an absolute dream to use, even youngsters can master it. The bolt was well finished, the trigger crisp right out of the box and everything was well oiled, not over oiled.


single set trigger527 bolt






Let’s Get Shooting

Our range day seemed the perfect time to put the 527 through its paces. Adults and children all got to use different calibres shooting multiple disciplines. Let’s see how this little rifle does.











300 rounds in one day and this little rifle performed well, really well in fact. Out of 300 rounds, the set trigger failed twice, both of which after a close inspection was due to the round, not the rifle. The only other thing that caused an issue was the bolt failing to pick up a round but again I truly believe this was down to an iffy magazine.  I suppose when you are producing thousands of them you will ultimately get the odd rogue one slip through the net.


The Verdict

Weight and balance, this rifle is faultless. The overall build quality, outstanding! These rifles really are built well. Accuracy wise, this rifle will ultimately out shoot any humans requirements. hole on hole is certainly not out of the question. The barrel has a good amount of blueing.  The stock, though not to my personal taste is both functional and solid. the swivels again, a real nice touch. Is this a rifle to buy?  For the money there is nothing even close to the CZ527, it will outperform the shooter for years to come. Pair this gun up with the 5 shot magazine, a nice scope, and obviously a CZ sling (like mine) and you will have a fantastic fox and small game rifle that can stand proudly at the range also.


Thank you

A massive thank you to Edgar Brothers for sending this rifle down for review. Edgar Brothers have supported us for several years now, it’s great to have the knowledge and expertise of these guys to call on if needed so thank you.


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