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weaver v series

Weaver V-9

Recently Edgar Brothers sent us down a rifle to review, along with it they sent the Weaver V-9 scope.  How lucky are we?  below is what Weaver says…

Variability. Reliability. Dependability.
Built to deliver a large field of view, generous eye relief, and fast power change adjustments, the Classic V-Series™ is the ultimate in versatility—helping hunters spot game in early morning or late evening shadows. Weaver® also expands the Classic V-Series™ with a new collection of riflescopes for the avid hunter and shooter. These new offerings boast additional reticule options that enhance a shooter’s ability to estimate distance and make the shot. For those looking for more choices in a proven line of scopes, check out the Weaver V-Series.

• Fully multi-coated lenses
• Hard coating on exterior lenses
• Nitrogen purged tubes to eliminate internal fogging
• New Ballistic-X™ reticule offering
• 1″ tubes
• Waterproof/shockproof / fog proof





In order to mount the scope, Edgar Brothers had sent down a pair of CZ 527 mounts. As far as scope mounts go, these are outstanding quality. They are as expected built to last, just like the rifles but that’s for another review.


As far as reasonably possible I tried the scope in several light conditions. In low light, it struggled but you could still acquire the target. Field of view was great and to be perfectly honest, in a lower range scope the quality of the glass was fantastic. The overall build of the scope was what you would expect really, solid construction matt finish wit coin turrets.


On The Gun

weaver v-9


The scope was fitted to the CZ 527 in 223, again the re will be a full review of this rifle later on.  I must say I’m no fan of super high powered scopes on a centerfire rifle so a 3-9×38 was, in my opinion, about perfect for the calibre. Weaver has obviously put a lot of thought into these scopes, producing them with the fantastic Ballistic x reticule.

ballistic x reticule


Weaver has produced, in my opinion, a fantastic lower price bracket scope that can cope with air rifle, rimfire and small centrefire rifles easily. 300 rounds later and the scope held its zero. During the course of the test, the rifle and scope were handled by probably 20 people and a fair amount of them wouldn’t have been overly delicate when it came to handling either the gun or the scope. On at least two occasions I heard the familiar thud of a scoped rifle being plonked down on a bench and yet as I said it held zero. How many other scopes would have done that in the same price bracket? (sub £100) online. I think the scope is worth every penny and am very grateful to Edgar Brothers for the opportunity to try this scope out for review.





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