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September 2017

venison burgers
The Country Kitchen

Bambi Burgers

Warning. Graphic Content Below. Venison Burgers A staple at the summer meet and something our children absolutely love. Venison burgers are a great way of processing the meat if you have it in regular supply. Where we live the predominant species is Roe deer….

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fishing gifts
Accessories, Fishing

Fishing. A Gift Guide

Hard To Buy For In our family, Christmas preparations seem to start in January.  Every month.  What would you like for Christmas Wayne?  Ugh, you are so bloody difficult to buy for.  This seems to be a common problem for many people whose…

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Gear, shooting, Shotguns

Wildfowling, Are You Ready?

It’s time, Isn’t It?   Wildfowling Are You Ready? The day has arrived, you have been waiting patiently for the 1st of September, its wildfowling season! Now for the morals to kick into gear. I, as you may know, am a keen…

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Summer Meet 2017

Summer Meet 2017

Sumer Meet 2017 Slideshow Here is a little slideshow containing some of the great pictures taken during the summer meet 2017. A video gallery will be added soon.       Videos Please follow and like us:

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