The CZ Meet 2017

2017 CZ Meet.

summer meet

August saw the gathering of folks from across the UK to a small but tranquil campsite in the heart of Somerset for the CZ summer meet 2017.  Greenacres is a wonderful campsite situated just outside of Wells. The owners Duncan and Mary Forrester have always been great hosts. We have been known to be quite a noisy bunch and yet we haven’t managed to get kicked off yet, even after 9 years!


A Family Affair

This year was our 9th annual summer meet. It has always been a family event where children are actively encouraged to participate in both the clays and the rifle range, amongst the other activities, including sea fishing, fly fishing, and boat fishing.


The Clays

As with every other year, the clay day is held at Mendip shooting ground.   The owner, Vernon, and the gang have always ensured a good day was had by all. This year was no exception. We had some Sikhs attend from the humanitarian charity Khalsaaid. I volunteered alongside these guys during the Somerset floods a few years ago and since then have maintained a great friendship.

sikh clay






Mendip have several layouts, however, we always use the English sporting layout. Several challenging stands set out in the bottom of woodland. It’s a real challenge.


Barbeque time

Most nights I cook massive amounts of wild game shot by ourselves over the course of the year.  This year was no exception. Everyone enjoys the different array of food, extending to non CZ club members staying on the campsite.

bbq 1

bbq 2






Some of the delights this year were rabbit burgers, rabbit wings, venison sausages, venison steaks, pork ribs and goose breasts. A true feast.


The Range Day

On Sunday afternoon, we all headed to the range for an afternoon of paper punching. A local range rents out to us every year. Some of the members of their club even come along to the event. It really is a great turn out.



The main idea behind the range day is to teach people who are not firearm owners about gun safety, gun awareness and to allow them an avenue in which to explore the sport without the commitment of having a firearm certificate. Kind of like a try before you buy approach.


Being quite a small club we do fund the events ourselves.  A local gun shop, Rifleman very kindly supply us with a healthy amount of rimfire ammunition each year for which we are very grateful.

A very significant thank you needs to go out to the importers of CZ firearms, Edgar Brothers who continually supply us with literature, posters, hats, shirts and even this year sent us the new CZ 527 for review, with ammo no less! Thank you.

A huge thank you to our members, without them we wouldn’t have a meet, we wouldn’t be where we are today,  thank you all.

More photos will be added over the coming weeks  and keep your eyes peeled for the review of the CZ527



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