What’s In Your Pockets?

We all go out and about with all manner of stuff in our pockets. When it comes to going out hunting, however, we need to travel lightweight, whilst ensuring we have ample provisions for the worst case scenario. Whether it’s  an evening stroll looking for rabbits or a morning stalk for that elusive buck, there are certain things us hunters should carry.


pocket knife

The Jacket

In my jacket, I will have, my mobile phone (on silent)

I always have bits of string and or sometimes even a length of rope.

This is where things may or may not be strange but I also carry in my jacket the following

Emergency Bandage

Biolife Wound Seal Powder

Emergency Blanket

waterproof notepad and pencil

Swiss Card

I feel it’s important to consider what may happen if you were to have an accident or if someone else caused an injury? On a completely different scenario, what if you are out walking and come across someone else with a severe trauma? When out hunting you are quite often on your own, in the middle of nowhere or far away from any access roads. All of these essential items are stored in a tiny neoprene case which fits snuggly in the inner pocket of any coat.

Because I am out hunting, in my jacket I will have my trusty Bullet pouch . The last thing I or anyone else wants is loose ammunition rattling around in their pocket!  In my front pocket, you will find my neoprene gloves . Last but not least I will always carry my dog whistle attached to my zip.

Below The Belt

Ok, not strictly below the belt but on my belt, if I’m out hunting I will have this beauty.

My Knife

This is a knife made for me by a good friend. He spent many hours making and polishing this knife, then to top it off made the stunning leather sheath to go with it.  The handle is a multitude of colouring pencils snapped up and set in resin, sliced with a saw to make the handle and polished to perfection. The knife has a very useful gut hook on the back which is self-explanatory I suppose with a razor sharp rounded blade.

My back pocket is where I keep my relevant certificates and insurance documents. It’s an offence to not be able to produce when asked, the appropriate documents for any firearms or shotguns in England.  In my front pocket will be my keys, more string, and possibly, depending on the outing a Veil .  In my leg pocket, you will find a pair of binoculars. Essential For all outings in my opinion.


Should I Take More?

Should I?  Well, I feel it is important to streamline as much as possible, you have enough weight to carry with the gun as it is. Obviously I could talk about boots, clothing, and other things, but for now, I just wanted to concentrate on the essential basics I have when I’m out and about with the gun.

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