Home Brewing and Summer Refreshment

Home Brewing


Its the time of year where everybody wants a cool crisp refreshing drink of summers evening, not everyone wants a drink that is high in alcohol or full of toxins, sulphites and goodness know how many acidity regulators and e numbers.

How It Began

  It all started with my dad many years ago, He used to thoroughly enjoy brewing his own wines and beers, I watch with great interest, picking up helpful little hints and tips as the years went by. Many years later and here I am making my own potions and wines, a lot of which end up being the main refreshments at the summer meet. Today I have just started a batch of apple beer, fruity, crisp and virtually alcohol-free. The recipe is an old time one, going back to the early 18th century when farm workers would scrump the windfalls and make a harvest time drink for in the field.



 The key with any home brewing is the fruits or flowers. Wherever possible I try to source wild fruits and berries but do not be afraid to buy supermarket fruits and such like, in fact, the reduced price fruits are normally the best and most useful fruits for wines.  The apple beer recipe for today is in fact made from some apples bought from a supermarket, my only gripe with supermarket produce is the damn plastic wrapping but that’s another post for sure.


  For any home brewing, there are a few essentials, A good food grade bucket capable of holding at least 3 gallons, I have 3-gallon and 5 gallons,demijohn and airlocks, sterilizing equipmentyeast and a few extra items that differ for every brew you make, to some brewing items you may want, or you can now even buy complete kits.

The Recipe

Apple Beer Recipe


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