Edgar Brothers Breaker 900X .22 caliber review

B900XEdgar Brothers Breaker 900X .22 calibre

Last year for the summer meet, I decided I would purchase a  Breaker 900X as the 1st prize in the junior competitions.

Our youngest daughter, (14) won by a country mile! Since then it has had a fair bit of use by her and others. Even being lent out to sort out some pesky squirrels emptying the feeders.


I thought, now it had been run in it was time to review and test this little gun. First impressions. It’s got a solid lump of wood for the stock with a rather nice finish, a nice bit of detailed chequering on the pistol grip gives you the feel of a gun in a much higher price bracket. For me personally, it lacked some checkering in the foregrip section but again this is very much a personal thing.

Barrel and Action

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised here. The barrel sports a silencer which for the younger users also aids greatly in cocking the air rifle. The air rifle also has some extremely effective fibre optic open sights which again with the younger shooter in mind is a great aid for target acquisition. Working our way back we find at the rear of the piston chamber a push-pull, auto safety, again simple, reliable, effective. Looking at the underside yo will find a great little adjustable trigger, and you will need it as out of the box it is a brutally heavy trigger.

The Test


At the farm, we had a problem with rats and pigeons coming in and taking the animal feed. Being in proximity to the farm buildings it was the perfect test.  Power wise it was a solid 10.9 ft-lb using Bisley pellets, first to feel the wrath was a rat that thought it was feeding time. It was dispatched with precision and power. Several pigeons and a few crows flew into the pens and were equally dispatched by the Breaker 900X. This little break barrel had won me over, punching well above its price tag, or had it?


The Breaker 900X is a well-powered air rifle made and sold by Edgar Brothers. The stock, well made though quite heavy for a youngster would benefit from a bit of chequering on the foregrip, apart from that the wood is good quality, the trigger guard, silencer, safety and furniture is plastic and gives it that cheap feel which is a real shame. The power is there as is the style. The finish of the grooving for the dovetails had a lot of machine marks but it’s a sub £100 air gun and that needs  to be remembered. I really do like the air rifle and will continue to use it,  a sub £100 air rifle which will deal with close range vermin and at the same time will take a small scope and punch paper all day long, so, is it a work of art? Far from it. Is it a fully functional high powered air rifle with an adjustable trigger and fibre optic sights for under £100? Yes!

You, honestly, in my opinion, cannot find a better air rifle for the money, it punches well above its price tag and doesn’t look like a toy!

You can see more about the gun here on the Edgar Brothers website.


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