Macctecc V2 Moderator Review

Edgar Brothers very kindly sent me out a cardboard tube.  At first glance, you could have been mistaken for thinking it might be a kitchen towel insert. The tube was so light!

Macctecc V2

Where to begin? Let’s start with its stubby size. At a little over 160 mm it’s hardly a huge mod and being a reflex mod it barely adds any length to your rifle.

Weight wise, it tips the scales at just over 250 grammes, again sitting over the barrel. It’s not a noticeable difference, unlike a T8 which is like parking your land rover on the end of the barrel.


Its small, robust design and lightweight build did sound alarm bells to me regarding its efficiency with sound reduction and durability. I wondered if it was capable of doing what it says on the tube?

First Impressions

My expectations weren’t very high because of it being such a small, lightweight silencer. With that in my mind, I couldn’t see it measuring up to the task. How wrong was I?

The Test

V2 review

As the lovely people at Edgar Brothers haven’t yet sent me out a 223, despite my keep trying, I tested the v2 on my CZ hornet. The test itself was done using Hornady 35grain V-Max and for comparison, it was tested against the t8.

It sat snuggly on my hornet and looked really at home, far more than the T8. I started off with a full mag through the Hornet with no mod (we all know these little powerhouses are loud). Next up, 5 rounds with the T8 fitted. Moderately (no pun intended) quieter.  Now with the V2… WOW! The sound reduction was phenomenal! Each round sounded the same. With several mags fired in succession, the V2 wasn’t hot or even warm.  As for durability, I have so far put 300-400 rounds through the V2 and it hasn’t made a difference to the volume.  It’s still equally as quiet.

In Conclusion

I found it to be a well-made, lightweight and quiet moderator. My only gripe would be that its not strippable. However, being built from alloy, it’s not likely to rust out like the T8.

In conclusion, with the V2, you get a lot of moderator for not a lot of money. I can see myself needing to get one for the 243 now.

A huge thank you to Edgar Brothers for sending out the V2. It has been a real pleasure to trial.

hornet rifle

You can buy the Macctecc V2 from the Edgar Brothers website.

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